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Blocked Manhole Leeds


Blocked Manhole Leeds

blocked manhole leeds

Blocked Drains Leeds

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Blocked Gully Leeds

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Drain Jetting Leeds

Blocked drains are most distressing and are generally caused by a build-up of whatever’s gone into the drain. Most commonly we see grease, dirt to silt and leaves, along with other household items such as baby wipes and sanitary wear that has been flushed down the toilet. These items are not designed to be flushed away so get stuck further along the pipe causing a blockage.

If you have sewage overflowing from a manhole, gully or inspection chamber this would indicate there is a blockage, our engineer can quickly identify where the problem is and importantly how to stop it occurring again.

It is also common to see structural defect or breakage caused by tree roots, corrosion, or subsidence, this happens naturally.

Blocked drains can be unblocked by rodding, mechanical unblocking or jetting all our vans are equipped with the latest tools to ensure a quick and efficient job.

 we have specialist equipment at our disposal to remove even the most stubborn blockages

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