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The new tank A new cold water tank should have a minimum capacity of at least:
•100 litres (22 gal) if it is to supply only either a cold water system or a hot water system. or
•200 litres (44 gal), (ideally 250 litres (55 gal)) if it is to serve both the cold and hot water systems.
All new cold water storage tanks must comply with Byelaw 30 which is all about protecting the stored water from contamination; usually all new tanks are clearly marked as complying and come with the required fittings.

A word of warning if you use an Immersion heater Some instances have occurred where the immersion heater thermostat in a hot water cylinder has failed in the closed position and has led to the water in the cylinder boiling, venting into a plastic cold water storage tank and softening the plastic resulting in the collapse of the tank.

 From April 2004, new and replacement Immersion Heater Thermostats needed to incorporate an overheat safety cut-out so that if the water thermostat fails, the water in the cylinder will not overheat. If you have an old type thermostat without this overheat safety cut-out fitted to the hot water cylinder (or are not sure), replace it with a modern type before fitting a plastic cold water tank.
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