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For radiator maintenance, radiator installations or replacement anywhere in Leeds, look no further.

We have plumbers all over Leeds able to install a single radiator or multiple radiators with no hassle and at low cost.

Installing New Radiators Leeds

We provide free, fully specified quotations for new radiator installations and replacements. What's more, we can offer you great advice on the best type of radiator with regard to cost, power output and reliability for your circumstances and your property.

If you need replacement radiators for a commercial or domestic environment, give us a call on 0113 433 3119 - we Cover Leeds area.

 A radiator quite simply radiates heat around a room from a hot water based heating system. Radiators bring warmth and comfort wherever they're fitted.

However, when they go wrong, a single radiator can cause a massive amount of damage by leaking gallons of water over your carpets, walls and floors.

Installing a New Radiator

When we install a new radiator we will to empty the water from the central heating system to accommodate the new radiator. Then take the old radiator off, replace it with the new radiator and refill the system.

 If you are going to replace an old radiator with a new one, you don't have to put it in the same position.

A new radiator can be fitted anywhere along the flow and return of the central heating pipes, so choose somewhere that it will be least intrusive but still able to radiate heat to the room.

Type of domestic radiator Radiators come in all shapes and sizes. Designer radiator comes in different  shapes and colours.
Generally though, the double radiator is the most popular choice for warming the home. Double radiators have a double bar on the inside as opposed to a single heated bar and therefore release more heat! It is also a good idea to  install a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) for your radiators. This valve allows you to control the temperature of each individual radiator.

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